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Weight Wise is a great help at getting started on weight loss journey. Weight Wise provides an affordable supportive weight loss environment to every patient. Weight Wise provide resources to implement structure, and strategy to optimize the way you nourish your body. Weight Wise provides each patient with the proper tools and knowledge necessary to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Weight Wise helps to learn about portion control, curb emotional eating, improve food choices, exercise and maintain your goal weight, monitor vital signs, body mass index, and body fat percentage. Weight Wise provides B12 injections for energy and fat metabolism. Weight Wise helps maintain the weight loss with natural supplements to correct basic metabolic functions. Weight Wise offers 4 weight loss programs: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced and Body Key. Weight Wise provides a customized weight loss program, personal medical counseling monitors your progress, makes necessary adjustments to maintain weight loss permanently. Weight Wise offers the latest FDA-approved weight loss prescription medications, oral vitamin supplements, Nutritional education, fitness guidance and behavior modification.  
Weight Wise doctors, nurse practitioners and dietitian’s works collectively on illnesses, obesity, nutrition, fitness, prescription medications, behavioral motivation and modification. Weight Wise specializes in weight control diagnosis and treatment in Bay Area with a variety of prescription appetite suppressants for appetite relief, food cravings and cutting-edge medications. Weight Wise strongly encourage all patients to use meal replacements initially whether taking appetite suppressants or not. At Weight Wise Patients are seen bi-monthly. Weight Wise provides Natural Appetite Suppressant to Burn Fat Stores and Reset Metabolism. At Weight Wise you get Natural weight loss with use of shakes, herbal appetite control chews and metabolism booster. Weight Wise also provides HCG Program, OPTIFAST Program, Skincare & Anti-aging Treatments, and several Nutrition, Exercise guidance and Behavior therapy. Weight Wise provides a very low-calorie diet, medically supervised weight loss plan meals without feeling hungry. Weight Wise helps to lose up to 30-45 pounds in 6 weeks if patients follow program precisely. 
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  • Before coming to Weight Wise, I was a Size 24 and had low self esteem. Weight Wise helped me lose 42 lbs in 16 weeks! I now wear Size 12 and couldn’t be happier! The program was simple and I did not have to count calories. The vitamin supplements- Lifepak and marine omega are excellent products and gave me a lot of energy. Thank you for my life changing experience Dr. Thakur.


  • I lost 55 lbs using the 3 Step OPTIFAST Program which was simple and without the usual dietary restrictions. I do not have many of the cravings I had before and feel more energetic, uplifted, and sexy. The Optifast program is their best program and the B12 shots were a big plus. Not only did they help me lose the weight but also help me keep it off


  • I am feeling great now that I have lost 30 lbs. I've also lost 6 inches around my waist. The physician and staff are very caring and thorough. I am highly impressed with their services.